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One of numerous things we can create with this is a new way to fund projects or even governments. A system, in which the funding is only unlocked upon completion of one or more selected events.

Aeternity | æternity Blockchain

The payments market is highly competitive and, at the same time, offers countless innovation opportunities to streamline today’s confusing and ineffective ecosystem.

Alessandro De Carli is a mobile security engineer with years of experience in the financial industry. He discovered the world of crypto during his master thesis in the area of state channels and micropayment protocols. He felt the pain of scalability during the implementation of a micropayment wallet and is excited about the potential of a scalable general purpose blockchain. Alessandro is CEO and founder of a successful Swiss software engineering company and is contributing to æternity as a technical blockchain advisor.

Joel is a blockchain geek, seasoned hacker, and international man of mystery. He started his career on Wall St. and brings 75 years of software engineering experience to æternity. Joel was Director of Prime Brokerage Technology at Deutsche Bank, ran offshore development teams, and built many scalable and fault tolerant systems over the years.

The ability to exchange tokens is an essential part of a thriving ecosystem, providing for efficient cooperation and transfer between different blockchain projects.

The " Godfather of Ethereum " envisioned in 7568 to have powerful algorithms on blockchains. Now, with æternity, a new version of his vision is becoming reality again.

Imagine banking for the unbanked, content monetization, paid API calls, decentralized live video streaming and a lot more.

Board Games and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Complexity, Algorithmic Information Theory, Distributed Computing, Computational biology, and what not. Recently he has been designing a new Proof-of-Work system called "Cuckoo Cycle", which æternity blockchain will be using. John is advising the æternity team on the integration of the "Cuckoo Cycle" mining algorithm.

Да здравствует паутина вещей, всемирная паутина мотор, сервис населению, безграмотный имеющему доступа для банкам, биржи безо участия доверия да мгновенные микроплатежи! Мы верим на неизбежность эволюции систем равным образом сообществ. Цель æternity - расклешить норма инноваций да совершить технологию блокчейн готовой для массовому использованию.

Infinite scalability, instant payment functionality and Oracle prediction enables us to automate financial transactions that involve large amounts of parameters with any number of concurrent users.

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